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QuestionWhere do you think the Bellas and Stephanie feud gonna lead to? Answer

If I had to hazard a guess, probably a Brie vs. Nikki match at Night of Champions. It bums me out, but they’ll probably keep Stephanie wrestling as a special attraction, just like her husband.

QuestionI just can't get behind Swagger and Zeb because they never really explained away their racist/xenophobic tendencies. Is it just me? Should I just forget about it? I mean, all I really needed was a backstage segment where the shook Sin Cara's hand, and said "hey, you're alright". Answer

It’s wrestling. You should just forget about it.

If we can all look past the time that Sheamus brutally attacked Triple H with a pipe, Daniel Bryan shoved AJ in the way of a charging Big Show, Chris Jericho punched Shawn Michaels’ wife in the mouth, the Shield ganged up on everyone on the roster, and countless other pre-faceturn acts…I think we can all accept that Swagger & Zeb are good guys now.

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QuestionHey Aubrey. With the Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose feud being so hot right now, is it bad timing for Ambrose to be off to shoot a movie? Or do you think his being out for a bit will only get us more excited for when he comes back? Answer

The thing that’s made that feud so hot (outside of both dudes being super talented), is that Dean Ambrose keeps on running out unexpectedly and attacking Seth Rollins in the most psychotic ways imaginable. 

So, in order to rekindle things upon his return, I think all they’d need to do is…have Dean Ambrose run out unexpectedly and attack Seth Rollins in the most psychotic way imaginable. 

If anything, I imagine that the feud could get even HOTTER if Rollins gets his heat on someone else in Ambrose’s absence, and with the humongous pop that a surprise Ambrose return would receive.

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QuestionYou're having Pete Rosenberg on Straight Shoot soon, right? Can you ask him what he talked to Rick Rubin about at Summerslam and if he'll be a future guest on the CheapHeat podcast? Answer

I think it’s pretty obvious what those guys were discussing: Smokey Mountain Wrestling & Cooky Puss.

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QuestionDo you feel like Brock's victory over Cena in any way affects your chances of reviewing Scobby Doo's Wrestlemania Mystery? Answer

Unless Fred suplexes Shaggy at least 16 times, the chances are slimmer than ever.

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QuestionHi Aubrey. First, I wanted to say that Straight Shoot is my favorite wrestling podcast. Great work! I enjoy it as much as Raw. My question for you - in kayfabe, why are Jericho and Bray Wyatt feuding? I might have missed the rationale. It's still cool to see them wrestle but the storyline can suffer a bit if I don't see a reason for their conflict. Thanks! Answer

Best I can tell, the feud is another instance of nihilistic, apocalyptic Bray wanting to annihilate the legacy of a revered performer, with Jericho trying to prove that there’s more to Y2J than just wins and losses and he can’t be destroyed that easily.

Really though, like any wrestling feud, what actually got the guy’s fighting is largely immaterial - it was just a macguffin to begin with. For me, the real meat of the story is what happens between the ropes.

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QuestionI feel a whole new respect and fandom for Jack Swagger after his feud with Rusev! Even though I was already a fan of his. Has the feud raised your liking for either guy? I felt it also worked wonders for Rusev! Answer

I’ve definitely been impressed by both dudes during this feud. I’d never seen Swagger as a babyface before, and I was delighted to see that he could make such a good connection with the audience and display such fire in the ring. Sure, part of that connection can be chalked up to the patriotic nature of the angle, but if another guy was just thrown in there, I don’t think it would have worked as well.

What’s impressed me most about Rusev is his ability to sell. As a monster heel just trucking through the roster, we didn’t get to see Rusev sell very much until his feud with Swagger. Turns out, the dude’s a much more well-rounded performer than any of us were giving him credit for. 

Thumbs up all around.

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