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Anonymous asked: Hey Aubrey, do you think Bo Dallas is ready for the big time now? And will he be a star once he gets there, or like Xavier Woods and be in the sea of mid-cards?

I was a little shocked that both Dallas and Rose are being brought up already, mainly because it seems like Dallas is still refining his gimmick and Rose’s is so very new (and odd, though I do like it).

Over the past year or so, WWE has been so deliberate in how they bring up and introduce new talent, so I think it’s a safe bet that there’s a plan for them - whether they become big stars or not is influenced by too many variables to say for sure.

I have to assume that something went wrong with the Xavier Woods debut plan, as the dude is super talented and has a unique gimmick that I think could get over given a chance.

Anonymous asked: If Aiden English gets called up would you like to see him and Sandow in a tag team?

Nope, too similar. I like tag teams where the guys are very distinct and both bring something different to the table, both in terms of wrestling style and character - that way there’s some drama. Think Team Hell No.

Anonymous asked: Have you seen the "alleged" raw script from last week that leaked. Pretty interesting stuff in there - probably the best part was that the internal title of the show was "The Evolution of Justice." It also includes the companies' Face/Heel classifications of talent. Also, if you haven't listened to the two part Steve Austin Podcast with Paul Heyman, you definitely need to check it out. I really enjoy Straight Shoot, keep up the good work!

Thanks for the kind word!

And nope, ever since I stopped doing the Rumor Mill segments on Straight Shoot, I’m totally off of dirt sheets - I find that I enjoy the product a lot more when I can just engage with what’s on the screen, not the varying degrees of rumors, inside information, spoilers and outright bullshit that you get on the dirt sheets.

That said, I used to work at, so seeing the scripts is definitely something I’m familiar with. My favorite part was always looking to see who was the producer (road agent) on each match. Generally speaking, the best matches when I was there (2008-2010) were always produced by Pat Patterson or Arn Anderson, though that could be because they were generally the ones working with the top talent…Chicken or the egg I guess.

Another neat thing that was always on the scripts back in 2008-2010 was a list of all available talent, listed out in order of…importance, I guess, from most to least.

chicosantana asked: I know you're the heavyweight champ of smart rasslin talk but u fuck with comics too...who's your favorite superhero and what's your favorite comic storyline?

First: Thanks for recognizing my title.

Second: YEAH DUDE! I edited comics at Marvel and Image before heading to Ghost Rider, Punisher War Journal, Irredeemable Ant-Man, Strange Tales, Walking Dead, Kick-Ass, etc.

My fave superhero is probably the Silver Surfer, though admittedly there aren’t many truly GREAT Surfer stories. My favorite is probably the original Lee/Buscema series, especially with the absolutely bonkers-never-followed-up-on ending.

In terms of favorite comics, I’m a big fan of CEREBUS, but that’s admittedly kind of impenetrable. I also absolutely love Jack Kirby’s original 4th World books. They’re page after page of crazy characters shouting ideas at you - just what I like.

Anonymous asked: Hey Aubrey, great work with the comics and #StraightShoot, really enjoying it. Do you feel that Evolution needs a fourth members like they had in their first creation (Flair, HHH, Batista, Orton)? To me it seems that HHH would fill the Flair role now that he only wrestles the big events. If you do see a 4th who ya got?

I feel like I’m going to be getting this question a lot - this is at least the fourth time I’ve seen in on Straight Shoot questions lists and here on Tumblr.

The answer is a resounding NO.

Most people who ask seem to want someone to come in and fill the FUTURE role of the stable’s original PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE gimmick, but I think that flies right in the face of what’s making Evolution effective right now.

The reason Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista are so reviled by fans is that they’re seen as keeping down younger talents like Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns. If they brought in some other younger guy, it muddies the waters in terms of their motivations, and also makes it harder to hate them.

While I’d be open to a Flair cameo, I’m perfectly fine with the group remaining a tight threesome, rather than risk messing with the chemistry by bringing in the fourth.

Also, it’s a rare wrestling stable that didn’t fall into the trap of adding too many members…better to keep it small.

Anonymous asked: Do you think WWE will ever put Bo Dallas with the Wyatts, like a golden boy that gets brainwashed sort of thing?

Nope, too obvious and Bo is too very good at his current heel-that-doesn’t-know-he’s-a-heel gimmick. I think it’d be a shame to see him relegated to a little beardless Bray Wyatt, just because they both happen to be IRS’ sons.

eliohouse asked: I have been listening to Straight Shoot RETRO. The topic of regional favorites and hometown heroes is fascinating. We still see a lot of it currently (CM Punk = Chicago = huge pop, etc) But do you think it was a stronger phenomenon back in the 70/80's?

Hey Chris! I’m super glad you’ve been listening and hopefully enjoying.

In short: Yes, absolutely.

I think it has everything to do with the fact that in the mid-80s (where we’re at in SSR), there were still regional territories, though WWE was making heavy progress on gobbling everything up. AWA, WCCW, JCP, Mid-South, Stampede, and on and on and on.

Naturally, each territory focused in on their specific audience, with different styles of wrestling, different types of storytelling and of course, hometown boys to pop the local crowds and face off against villainous outsiders. Once the focus became more about reaching a national (and eventually, international) audience, however, much of that got left behind. Because, honestly, what good is being a Chicago native when you’re doing house shows in Germany?

Above I outlined the specific reasons for it happening in wrestling, but I think this is a phenomenon that spans our entire culture. As media becomes more pervasive on a national and international scale, you start to see a blending and, for lack of a better term, flattening out of regional differences. The easiest example is to think about how many more regional accents you heard growing up compared to now, or just how much stronger your grandparents’ accents are than yours.

valiantvill asked: If you could choose any band do create an entrance theme for YOU, who would it be? Mine would have to be The Sword.

Sword is a good, good choice, but I think I’d need something a little faster to play me to the ring. Have you heard American Sharks? They’re pretty fucking incredible - really scummy, punk-infused party-metal. Check it out: American Sharks – American Sharks