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QuestionDoes it bother you that the words "jobber" & "buried" get thrown around so easily now a days in WWE. No one can lose 2 matches in a row without people thinking someone is getting buried or becoming a jobber. Answer

Define “people.” I think what you’re talking about is a very specific type of fan that the internet breeds and encourages. These are folks who don’t really enjoy the media they’re consuming - what they enjoy is trying to pick apart and act smarter than the media they’re consuming. Of course, what kind of idiot does that make them, that they’re watching something and paying money for something that they don’t enjoy? WWE (and any other company) doesn’t care if you like something or not…as long as you keep paying them for it.

These are the “contrarian assholes” I’ve talked about before.

Part of their MO and efforts to appear smarter than the media they consume and the other people who consume it, include tossing around terms like jobber and buried in a hyperbolic fashion. It’s a way of performing knowledge of the medium - even though they typically have just about none. 

Also, I’d toss in a healthy smattering of #YOUREGETTINGWORKEDBRO, as WWE’s been doing this long enough to know how fans will interpret a series of losses, and more often than not, use that in one form or another.

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QuestionI know that a baby face needs to go through the traditional hero's journey, but if Cena wins at Night Of Champions would you be able to tell the difference between the Lesnar/Cena feud and the plot of Dark Knight Rises? I mean, the Cena/Heyman segment on RAW was practically the interrogation scene from The Dark Knight, right? Answer

So, first off, I don’t think a babyface really does go through the traditional hero’s journey. At least not in the Joseph Campbell monomyth sense. That’s a really specific thing with a lot of stages, and frankly, I just don’t think wrestling ever gets that deep into non-wrestling-based plotting (nor should it). 

What you’re talking about isn’t so much a Dark Knight Rises thing, and more just a pretty standard storytelling trope: A villain trying to lure the hero into cynicism, nihilism, defeatism or just flat out, THE DARK SIDE. When you’ve got a white meat babyface like Cena, this is kind of one of the go-to stories, as evidenced by the fact that we’ve seen it with Lesnar and Wyatt both in the past year. 

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QuestionYou mentioned on Twitter that you were disappointed with Hideo Itami's debut on NXT - I think that Itami on NXT will be fine, but do you think that he could struggle when he's called up to the main roster because his style has been so co-opted by CM Punk and Daniel Bryan? Other than the language issue, that's the thing I worry the most about when it comes to Hideo Itami. Answer

Ok, so a few things on this one…

Yeah, I was disappointed by Hideo Itami’s debut, but I have absolutely no idea why it was lackluster. It could be any number of things: Not connecting with Justin Gabriel, being exhausted from another show the night before, having the flu, just a few simple mistakes, not being used to the WWE rings or, what I think is most likely, still adjusting to working WWE style for a WWE audience.

I think that in general, as much as we all want to see our favorite indie or international guys debut immediately, there’s a lot thats gained by keeping them off television for a while. The best example of this is original Sin Cara and Alberto Del Rio. Original Sin Cara debuted to the main roster immediately and it…wasn’t pretty. Meanwhile, Del Rio, who didn’t have anywhere near the amount of experience and success as the original Sin Cara, spent a hefty amount of time down in developmental, learning not only WWE style but also how to cut English promos. I don’t think it’s a discussion over which dude had the better career.

Even guys like Zayn and Neville, who I LOVED on the indies, have improved immensely during their time in NXT as they learned how best to adapt what they do to the WWE style and audience. I think this growth has been particularly evident in Neville, less so in Zayn as he’s gone from merely great to SUPER great.

So yeah, in short, I hope Itami stays down in NXT for a good long time, avoiding a too-much-too-soon Adam Rose-esque situation.

The other thing you bring up - his style being coopted - is less of a concern for me. First of all, not only is CM Punk not even with the company any more, but aside from the GTS, he’d pretty much moved beyond all the KENTA-esque moves, as his style was constantly evolving. If Punk was still there and wrestling like he was in WWECW, then yeah, I think we might have a problem.

With Bryan, I don’t really see that much similarity to be honest. I mean, yeah, they both throw a lot of kicks, but that’s not exactly unique, especially if you look at Japan or the American indies. If WWE can have practically an entire roster of people who do superkicks as transitional moves, I think they can handle having two guys who do running kicks, you know? Also, I’ve got faith in Itami’s ability to differentiate himself even further than he already has.

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QuestionHey Aubrey, so I live in SoCal and I have Verizon Fios and I used to be able to watch RAW live at 5 PM but just recently it's been coming on at 8 PM. Do you have any idea as to why it suddenly changed? It's really annoying because everything gets spoiled for me on social networks and what not Answer

I have no idea, man. None of the cable providers I’ve tried out here (Time Warner and AT&T Uverse) ever offered the East Coast feed, so I was always stuck watching a stream on my computer or streaming to a chromecast when I wanted to watch live.

I ended up switching to DirecTV because they show most cable channels on an East Coast schedule. It’s really good for watching prime time dramas earlier in the night than they would come on normally. The only bad part is when it’s late and you wanna channel surf and the only stuff on is infomercials because it’s 4am on the East Coast.

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QuestionIf you can join some guys to make a tag team (including NXT wrestlers) who would you put together and what would the tag team be called? Answer

Listen, I’ve been saying it for like a year now, but there should be a new Nation of Domination stable with their tag team consisting of Kofi Kingston & Justin Gabriel going by the name of AIR AFRICA. It’s just good business.

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QuestionDuring the NoC preview,I noticed you guys got into the conversation about wanting Cena to go through a period of doubt on beating Lesnar,but didn't they do this already during their last feud? They even had Edge come back to give it some extra sauce. Answer

Sure, and I mean, this is what people mean when they talk about Cena being repetitive or boring. The way that they’ve built the character, this is pretty much the only way they CAN progress a storyline against a monster heel. But even though it would be repetitive, it’d still be something more than just “I’m going to do better this time!”

Don’t get me wrong, I love Cena, I love Brock and I think they’re going to have a hell of a match on Sunday…I just wish that there was a little big more depth to the story going into it.

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QuestionWhat did you think of the vote of no confidence storyline that wwe did in 2011 and do you think that it would work today to close out the authority storyline. Answer

I was…not a fan. To me it just didn’t make a whole lot of practical sense, for a lot of reasons: The wrestlers are employees, not board members, I didn’t think that the violence against people was any worse than it had been at any point over the previous thirty years, I didn’t get why only SOME of the wrestlers were complaining (the ones that weren’t involved in other stories), and on and on and on.

So no, I’d really rather they didn’t resurrect that angle in 2014. Additionally, the way wrestling works, I don’t think they really need to “close out” a storyline. It’s not LOST or something, you know? WWE can and does just drop things when they’re no longer working.

QuestionHEY ITSSS YA BOII JONNYBYNATURE HERE wondering about your opinion on Teddy Long. When I was a young lad I loved Smackdown because of the people like JBL, Edge and Rey Mysterio but the main thing I loved was them Tag Team matches playa. Nothing was more exciting as a kid than seeing your two favorite wrestlers going up against 2 of the wrestlers you hate the most in a tag team match. Answer


Bro, if you think that Teddy Long was actually the one putting those tag teams and tag team matches together…I think we need to have a serious talk.