On Raw this week, CM Punk kicked the bejeezus out of Jerry Lawler, which is kind of like the wrestling equivalent of booting a puppy…that’s obsessed with puppies. So, unless something drastic happens on next week’s Raw, it looks like CM Punk is transitioning back into heel territory, which, if you ask me, is absolutely fan-damn-tastic.

Thing is, Punk has always worked best as a jerk, whether it’s shaving cultish follower’s heads, haranguing Jeff Hardy, singing Happy Birthday to Rey Mysterio’s daughter, or even slapping the taste out of Shannon Moore’s mouth for, pretty much, no reason whatsoever.

Even though he was debuting as a fan favorite on WWECW, someone was smart enough to still let Punk be raw and a little mean-spirited, and that’s part of what helped him get almost instantaneously over with that mid-2000s Tuesday night crowd. For anyone watching, that moment explained exactly the type of guy that CM Punk was: Hard, funny and definitely, absolutely, not a poser.

Plus, the segment buried Shannon Moore and his Prince of Punk gimmick in such a matter-of-fact and utterly-complete manner that it still cracks me up to this day.

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